on improving innovation capacity of manufacturing SMEs:

  • Wider applicability scope (new material, new parts) of AM metal technologies. SMEs working in AM will aim at additional sectors/customers, not being so limited by material choice.
  • Industrial workflow on material handling and processing, that will improve competitiveness on processing multiple materials for AM SMEs.
  • Increase of market share for specialty powder companies, usually SMEs.
  • Making nanotechnology companies to have access to the AM market.

on widening the range of available AM materials:

  • Increase of the range of AM applications through higher performance materials.
  • Transferable workflow that will make possible other nano-additived metallic powders.

on adding functionality on AM parts:

  • Simplification of assembly and machining through the combination of AM and improved properties.
  • Increased temperature applications could be considered for the developed material.

on the identification of future development needs in … standardization for material and process quality:

  • Experimental data available for qualification routes.
  • Actively contributing to standardization efforts in the relevant committees through partners.

on promoting safe-by-design approaches and contributing towards the framework of EU nanosafety and regulatory strategies:

  • Circulation of information into EU nanosafety clusters and actors.
  • Inclusion of project findings into the review of the Nanosafety Strategic Research Agenda.

on the European position on AM :

  •  Contribution to the research efforts in the main European AM roadmaps.
  • Widening the applicability scope (new material, new applications) of AM metal technologies, where Europe is leader.
  • Providing competitive advantage to European AM powder manufacturers, through the inclusion of radically new materials in their offer, and also developing the knowledge to process new nanoadditived materials.