NANOTUN3D will develop new improved nano-based materials for metal additive manufacturing and characterise their operative life cycle, from nanoparticles and raw metal powder to final parts. This metal powder will have guaranteed nanoparticle dispersion and integration, as well as a route to process it safe and reliably by AM, producing parts with improvements of 30% of the main mechanical properties, while being able to be integrated in highly regulated supply chains and AM qualification efforts.

NANOTUN3D will consider an interdisciplinary approach specifically tailored to obtain a processable AM material. Nanotechnology issues (choice of NPs and core-shell developments), powder metallurgy (integration and mixing of nano-sized species on an Ti matrix, while keeping the required morphology), AM processing (definition of parameters and powder recycling strategies), health and safety (definition of an HSE management system for the different steps of the manufacturing chain) and industrialisation concepts (required post-processes to improve mechanical properties, qualification issues, quality, etc), will work together to reach the project objectives.
The concept is shown in the figure below.


The NANOTUN3D approach will take into account different steps in the whole concept,

  • Improved metal base/NPs interaction working with “core-shell nanoparticles”
  • A homogeneous ceramic NPs distribution from raw materials to final part
  • Two manufacturing routes with the main metal powder technologies (GA and EIGA)
  • Pilot and Use of the most important metal additive manufacturing technologies (EBM and SLM)