VITO will join the European Conference on Standardization for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials.

A 3rd open meeting on standardization for nanotechnologies and nanomaterials for safer products, production and uses is organized on 2 October 2018 in Brussels, by CEN/TC 352.
The aim of this 3rd Open Meeting is to present progress of the work of the main CEN Technical Committees (TC) involved (TC 352 on Nanotechnologies, TC 195 on Air filters for general air cleaning, and TC 137 on Assessment of workplace exposure to chemical and biological agents).. Poster sessions on standards under preparation will allow a direct dialogue between participants and experts.
Various round tables will be organized with practitioners, researchers and politics makers: how to match standardization with the need of Industries? How to implement risk assessment tools in the innovation processes?
Both issues have shown to be relevant in the development of the NANOTUN3D workflow and are an important part of the work of VITO in the project.

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