NANOTUN3D joins the EPPN Network

The EPPN (European Pilot Projects Network) intends to boost the European competitiveness through the exploitation of the existing European pilot line production facilities across Europe in the area of nanotechnology and advanced material technologies.

A network of fully connected and collaborating pilot lines is to be created. The effectiveness and the efficiency of existing and future pilot line facilities will be boosted and a digital ecosystem, acting as an interactive marketplace for professional members, created.

It aims at leveraging technological research into product demonstration and further contribute to an enhanced innovation ecosystem and attractive business environments by:

i) creating a sustainable ecosystem involving all the stakeholders capable of promoting collaboration along the value chain;

ii) developing supporting tools for pilot plants and potential users; and

iii) promoting the creation of Innovation Hubs (IH), catalyzing and fostering the sustainable business development of the EPPN.

A workshop last Nov 28th took place in Brussels. NANOTUN3D attended as member of the network.